1. Detection of TET2- oncogene in acute myeloid leukemia.
Dr. A.Rehman Shaikh (MPhil).

2. To evaluate endocrine complications in Thalassemia major patients.
Dr. Sana Baloch (MPhil).

3. Molecular characterization of G6PD defiant variants in Sindh.
Dr. Sadia Memon (MPhil).

4. Frequency of vitamin K deficiency bleeding in newborn presenting with bleeding at tertiary care hospital.
Dr. Nazia Hafeez (FCPS).

5. Spectrum of von wiillebrand disease in females with bleeding complains at tertiary care hospital LUH Hyderabad.
Dr. Sidra Qadir (FCPS).

6. To evaluate the expression of P53, CD44, Ki67 and NANOG Through immunohistochemistry in pre-treatment oral squamous cell carcinoma in patients at LUMHS Jamshoro.
Dr. Maria Jawed (MPhil).

7. To evaluate heparin induced thrombocytopenia in diabetic and non-diabetic population.
Dr. Razia Abbassi (MPhil).

8. Impact of trace elements in aplastic anemia patients.
Dr. Ramsha Awan (MPhil).

9. Evaluation of intron 22 & intron 1 inversion in hemophilia A patients.
Dr. Isra Khowaja (MPhil).

10. To access the molecular characterization of FLT-3 mutation in acute leukemia.
Dr. Aamir Ramsha (MPhil).

11. To access the role of circulating micro RNA in aplastic anemia patients.
Dr. Rabail Jokio (MPhil).

12. To access the role of salivary micro RNA in early in early diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma.
Dr. Munawar Baloch (MPhil).

13. Genotype and Phenotype co-relation of isolated factor V deficiency (F5D).
Dr Noor Qureshi (FCPS).

14. Detection of micro RNA in aplastic anemia.
DR Maleeha Soomro (FCPS).

15. Multi-gene mutational analysis in patients of Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) by next-generation sequencing.
Dr. Faheem (MPhil).